【Tutorial】Cloudflare – The best tool for speed up your website

Today, we are going to introduce a CDN service provider Cloudflare, I believe that most people in the field of building website were familiar with this company, since it’s the only FREE CDN provider, and also it’s unlimited bandwidth.

What’s even better is that Cloudflare & Clark’s Hosting Service were under partner relationship, provide customer a premium service called Railgun (200USD value) , to better service our customer.


  • Name:CloudFlare
  • URL:https://www.cloudflare.com
  • Intro:Cloudflare is a US company, found in year of 2009 , provide user security, optimize, and a lot other stuff to their website. also they were able to prevent the website from DDOS attack, improve website load, and load time. They become popular since they start the service!

Clark’s Hosting Service Panel – Registration Inteo

First:Login to Control Panel, after login click the “Cloudflare” on the top navigation bar後台1

Second:There will be a page popup, enter all the information in the box, and submit it after word.
(If you don’t have a Cloudflare Account, click 註冊新的Cloudflare帳號, but still fill in everything)

Third:Fill in your domain, after finish filling in, click submit. (Note:This only support TLD Top Level Domain)


Forth:When you finish registration, you will see fillowing message, that mean you have successfully register for that service.


NS紀錄修改後,就可以到 Cloudflare 設定DNS了!

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