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Let’s Encrypt – 100% free SSL Certificate is coming soon!


Update: Clark’s Hosting Service now provided Free SSL Issuance for their customer

People who build website like me, knows the different between “http” and “https”, the main different is Secure Network Connection(SSL). But in order to make your website become “https”, you will need to purchase a SSL Certificate to secure the network connection. Normally SSL Certificate were expansive, people won’t buy it. But recently “Let’s Encrypt” announced that they are going to officially provide free SSL Certificate to everyone on September 15 this year(2015). Let’s Encrypt is a project sponsor by Mozilla, Cisco, Automattic etc… and some big company, so the service quality won’t be too bad. Also Let’s Encrypt simplify the application process. The only thing you need is to install a Signing program, type in your address, it will automatically connect to Let’s Encrypt Server, BINGO! Your SSL Certificate is here! Let’s look forward to Let’s Encrypt’s 100% free SSL Certificate.

Let’s Encrypt Official Website

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