Cyber Security Tutorial – How to identify official or fake website.


We are in internet era now, Phishing Website everywhere. You don’t even know if you should trust the promotion email you get. So we decide to teach you how to identify the whether the website is official or fake.

  1. Content identify – Offcial website usually use high resolution image build website or send out email.
  2. Domain identify – Offcial website most likely use their company’s name. (For Example: Toyota’s domain should be either toyota.com or toyota.com.tw). And Phishing Website usually added some random word or use some similar word domain to trick you.
  3. Whois  information check – When people apply for domain, they will need to provide personal information to domain registry(The domain register information is called WHOIS), even know owner of the domain can edit the domain information very easily. But if you find out the information is not match, then you can confirm the website is fake right away! To check WHOIS (register information) you may go to ICANN‘s website.
  4. SSL identify – SSL is used to secure the network connection between you and the website, SSL Certificate usually will be either Class 2 or Class 3. To apply for those SSL certificate, they will need identity check, so information is trustable. Also the price of SSL Certificate usually were expansive Phishing Website won’t spend money on that. When SSL Certificate is present, address will begin with https, and also showing a SSL Lock sign on the left of address bar.

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