Google Chrome Bug・A link makes your Chrome crush!

Chrome Crush - Mac

Google Chrome have a new bug! Someone on the Internet found that any link contain “ %%30%30 ” will makes Google Chrome crush right away. The reason is that in ASCII table, “0x30″ represent “0”,so “%%30%30” will turn into “%00” and in computer this is consider invalid character, but Chrome thought this is a valid character. So Computer says No, and Chrome says Yes, they disagree with each other, then Program Crush! This will only makes Chrome Crush, you can continue using Chrome just by restart Chrome again.

At this time, any version of Chrome except Android. We can only wait for new update release.

If you want to experience Chrome Crush, you may click this link: http://a/%%30%30 (Warning!: We are not responsible for any loss by clicking this link.)

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