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Clark’s Domain Management System — Release!


Since Clark’s Hosting Service first official release to now, half year passed. We face all kinds of problem, and solve all the issue we got from customer. We successfully built a high quality customer service title among the Internet.

Because of we start our Service by helping NPO to have a place to built their website, so in most of the case, we don’t need to provide domain for them. But after we release our Service out for public, our customer start asking us if we could provide free domain for everyone to built their website easier.

Today! We are announcing our new System “Clark’s Domain Management Service” This System is sole Developed by our Chief Engineer Clark Chen, to provide our and partner’s customer a 2nd level domain Service.

The different between our 2nd level domain Service and other is that we added support for Cloudflare. This provide our User a faster and safer solution for their own website, and DNS Record were update instantly, so there is no delay for that, and we become the first 2nd level domain Service that provide Cloudflare support. Another benefit is that those domain were no longer bonded to the Hosting Provider, so customer can switch their domain easier when Service provider’s Server is down.

Currently “Clark’s Domain Management Service” provide three kinds of plan.

  • FREE — 3 Domain — Provide FREE Plan for anyone.
  • Verified — 5 Domain — Provide User who had Verified their Identity in our  Partner‘s Service.
  • Paid — 10 Domain — Provide User who currently use paid plan in our Partner‘s Service.

Current “Clark’s Domain Management Service” Offered Domain (By provided order)

Current “Clark’s Domain Management Service” 的 Partner List and Verification Method

  • Clark’s Hosting Service (Vesta Account Verification or Redeem Code)
  • Besv Free service (Besv免費服務) (Redeem Code)
  • 10101 虛擬主機 (Redeem Code)

Note: For Redeem Code Verification please contact our Partners for detail.

Clark’s Domain Management Service” is Managed by Clark’s Hosting Service — Customer Service Team , if you have any question, feel free to contact with Customer Service Team.

If you would like to Donate to our Service, please do to Donation Page, thanks!

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