Taipei: CloudFlare’s 77th Data Center is Now Live


We are excited to announce the launch of our Taipei data center, which is our 28th data center in Asia, and our 77th data center globally. Millions of websites which were previously served from Hong Kong are now served locally from Taipei.


Taipei today


Taipei, home to many renowned tech companies, is famous not only for its vibrant night markets, but also for its warm and welcoming people. From soup dumplings to computer peripherals to Kangsi Coming, its contribution to the world is enormous.


Improved availability and performance

altTaipei has one of the fastest Internet speeds. Yet, being located far away from other Internet interconnect centers makes for some unique challenges. When traffic is delivered to local eyeballs from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore or worse-still Los Angeles, it is often subject to long latency and the constraints of limited capacity before arriving in Taipei. Additionally, traffic flowing on undersea cables around Taipei have been subject to cable cuts over the years, mainly because of the active fault lines around the island.


With the launch of our Taipei data center, visitors to millions of CloudFlare websites will experience a 4x improvement in performance and a significant increase in availability.

在台北的機房啟用後,網友訪問經由CloudFlare 服務的網站時,將會體驗到比以往快四倍,並且感受到前所未有的可用性。


Latency in milliseconds from end user (Taipei) to CloudFlare. Source: Cedexis


Availability (%) for web requests from end user (Taipei) to CloudFlare. Source: Cedexis

Asia Network Expansion

As we write this, our engineers are working to turn up our newest data centers in at least two Asian countries. Could you guess which ones?


The CloudFlare network today (soon to be updated with Taipei):

- The CloudFlare Team

- CloudFlare團隊

Photo sources: Dave Wilson (Flickr); Cedexis; GCMap; Kevin Chang (Flickr); images used under creative commons license.

圖片來源:Dave Wilson (Flickr); Cedexis; GCMap; Kevin Chang (Flickr); 創用CC授權使用


Sources: Cloudflare Blog

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