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Paragon NTFS for Mac® 14

Today! We are introduce a famous Mac Plugin named Paragon NTFS. A lot of people might think why I am introduce this kind of stuff! The reason is I realize that 5% of traffic that from Search Engine were with the keyword of “paragon ntfs for mac”, so I think I should have a article talk about this stuff.

Paragon is a company that focus on making disk tool, and Paragon NTFS is their most famous one. If you are a Mac user, you know that NTFS disk were read only on Macintosh, but with Paragon NTFS, it enable the writability of Mac to NTFS drive. But this software do cost some money for people to use. For single license is $19.95. Even know there are a lot of crack version online, but those may contain virus, and also it’s against the law. There are some benefit for you if you are a Seagate Disk User. Seagate provide a special version of Paragon NTFS specifically for their Paragon NTFS disk, and those were Free to use and legalized. If you are Seagate user, you might want to try it out!

In addition, Seagate also provide Paragon HFS+ for their user, so you may access HFS+ disk in Windows too, and it’s Free as well for Seagate user.


Paragon NTFS (Official Website)

Paragon NTFS for Mac Seagate Disk Only

Paragon HFS+ for Windows Seagate Seagate Disk Only

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